Business Process

Business Process Improvement & Change Management

SMEs and family owned businesses can be made more efficient by improving their business processes and organization structure. We capture our client's current business processes and prepare a Process Book. We refine existing business processes for various departments – by defining and structuring processes for People, Infrastructure and Funds (PIF model) – and come up with a refined and optimized Process Blue Print. Further, we work with the management to implement the Blue Print. We also support budding entrepreneurs in setting up their entire business, define their business processes, organization structure and other startup needs.

We engage with our clients to solve
their business challenges.


Management Information System

Businesses produce immense information across various departments. An efficient MIS is mandatory to not only document but also help in decision making at all levels. We help our clients to build such an MIS by understanding their information needs.

We help our clients to unlock significant
value in their businesses.

Business Growth


The owners and managers of businesses have strong vision for growth. But in most cases they are busy firefighting day-to-day issues for sustenance. We work with the owners and managers to achieve their vision and growth targets. We help them explore hidden and new opportunities. We help our clients to achieve revenue and profit maximization by providing practical solutions to increase their market share and reduce cost. Further, we provide strategic recommendations and analysis for regional and global expansions, online sales, and for new strategic acquisitions.

We work with our clients to implement
the recommendations and help them succeed.


Capital Services

Capital is a primary ingredient for growth. We analyze growth targets of our clients, match them with capital requirements and prepare a Financial Blue Print that extensively discusses all aspects of capital requirements and its cost. Further we help our clients to raise the required capital from banks, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.

We analyze growth targets of our clients,
match them with capital requirements.

Marketting management

Marketing Management

Companies create value for themselves by creating value for their customers. We help our clients to better understand their customers and the market they serve. We analyze the competition and the market to position our client's products better . We help improve brand perception, organize customer outreach programs, and conduct campaign management in general as well as for launching new products. Further - with the increased importance and relevance of social media - we provide a complete solution for promoting brand and products through social media marketing.

We help improve brand perception,
organize customer outreach programs.